A visit to the Grand Palace

Jan 20, 2011

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is just one of the many tourist spots in the city and to the entire kingdom of Thailand. The temples inside are like gold, shimmering from the ground and up to the sky. Each one has its own distinct features.

No shorts are allowed for men or sleeveless blouses for women. Even tourists are of no exception. Temples are sacred for Thai people and not following so would mean disrespect. 

There are several tourists of different nationalities wanting to witness the magnificent Thai architectural style. They were probably there because we shared the same feeling. A shared admiration to its beauty and the priceless experience being there.


Gina Alfani said...

WOW . . . That is beautiful!

JOYIEandJP said...

H, Gina. Thanks for the visit and for commenting too. Hope to see your around.

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