Bridging the GAP

Jan 29, 2011

This is the bridge in my school that connects the biggest building in the university and the cafeteria where i usually have my breakfast and lunch . Notice that no people were included in the photo because it was taken a bit late in the afternoon. Students and teachers were probably long gone, sleeping and taking a rest in their respective apartments or houses.

Going back to it, I probably have crossed it more than a thousand times now, given the fact that I've been here for three years and i do the crossing almost everyday. I am not sure about the exact number though because i am very poor in Math. Anyone who can do the math for me hehe? Every morning, you will hear good laughs from students whilst crossing. It makes me wonder why the "good laughing" thing only happens in the morning. Why not do it the afternoon lol.

Moreover, I used landscape to capture the first photo to make the greens more vivid. The second photo was captured using the monochrome to give a sense of stillness and slow pace life. I so love it!


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