Wedding Room Decoration

Nov 8, 2011

Right after docking at the wharf we were greeted with drums and other native instruments of the resort's employees. Then, we were offered a welcome drink, four seasons to be in particular. After that, the front desk officer handed me a paper to sign and the key to our room. 

Upon seeing the room we were delighted honestly. It was not like other beautifuly decorated rooms i saw in the movies, or anything i fancy about that will burst a big WOW, but its simple presentation made us feel special. 

As a commoner, a hotel room of $15 short of 200 per night (rough estimate), is something i would definitely avoid, let alone be considered on my list. But we were given a one-night complimentary stay at Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa because we chose them as our wedding venue over other resorts in our province. MUCH THANKS! So here are the photos i took of our room. So simple, yet elegant in its own right!


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