Estrella River Falls

Oct 27, 2011

Three days before we head off back to Bangkok me and my wifey together with our friends visited the Estrella River Falls in Narra, Palawan. I cannot recall how many times I've been there but i never get tired of paying it a visit. The coldness of its water even under the scorching heat of the sun and its beauty in the heart of the forest never ceases to amaze me.

Estrella River Falls is a perfect getaway for everyone even for kids because most of its surrounding areas are not too deep and close to cottages for close monitoring. Everybody can also use their mini grilling kitchen for free. It closes at 5pm just before the sun rests after long hours of making the day beautiful (smiles).

The entire area is rocky thus making it dangerous for people who love summersaulting; and slippery, as they are submerge in water. Aside from it being rocky and being far from the city (roughly 2 hour drive), perhaps the only complain people may raise is the road going there. It is rough to handle and may wake your precious nap once in a while as the trip gets bumpier as you come closer.

Here are the photos i took at around half past five. Yeah, it was already closed but we managed to sneak in. Yes we were bad -  but how can we refuse such beauty? 
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