The Father - The Son - and The Snake

Nov 12, 2011

From limestone cliffs, beautiful white sand beaches, and pristine waters, El Nido in Palawan has sooo many interesting sights that can be enjoyed by everyone. Island hopping is by far the number one activity of all tourists wishing to see its beauty. From there, one can make use of a kayak, snorkling equipment, and other things related to swimming for an affordable price or even free if luck goes with you. 

Perhaps with its several amazing islands the Snake Island is one of the most popular. It is called "SNAKE ISLAND" because the sandbar that connects the two bodies of lands resemebles a snake. Last month, I had my second glimpse of the place. We were delighted to see a father and a son taking turns pressing their camera's shutter. Their eyes were full manefestation of great pleasure and amazement.

Where is the sandbar? Here you are. The last photo was taken on top of a hill overlooking the beauty in its entirety and the other surrounding islands.

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Wedding Room Decoration

Nov 8, 2011

Right after docking at the wharf we were greeted with drums and other native instruments of the resort's employees. Then, we were offered a welcome drink, four seasons to be in particular. After that, the front desk officer handed me a paper to sign and the key to our room. 

Upon seeing the room we were delighted honestly. It was not like other beautifuly decorated rooms i saw in the movies, or anything i fancy about that will burst a big WOW, but its simple presentation made us feel special. 

As a commoner, a hotel room of $15 short of 200 per night (rough estimate), is something i would definitely avoid, let alone be considered on my list. But we were given a one-night complimentary stay at Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa because we chose them as our wedding venue over other resorts in our province. MUCH THANKS! So here are the photos i took of our room. So simple, yet elegant in its own right!
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Missing my CHILDHOOD

Nov 4, 2011

" I wish to grow up fast because i want to work and earn money so i could buy things that i want".These might not be the exact words i had during my childhood days but they certainly cover its entirety. 

Life then was simple. No worries about what to eat on the next meal, no trouble of finding a work, and most of all, just being out with friends sets the world with nothing but happiness and fun related stuff. 

In El Nido, Palawan just as we were about to do the island hopping, I saw two kids staring at something. They seemed so engrossed in what look like a stone to me. Their curiosity attracted my attention. I can see simplicity by just looking at them. They simply made me miss my childhood. Sometimes it is fun to remember the past.

Wings Like an Angel

Nov 1, 2011

When i was a kid i dreamed of becoming a bird. A bird whose wings are strong that can endure gusty winds and can fly miles and miles away. Wings which can take me to places and meet new people without spending anything because i can get through to anything for free. 

Those were the days, however, my fascination for birds are not yet lost and gone. I don't dream of becoming a bird anymore but there are times i wish i am just to know how it is to fly freely across the sky. 

So here is my tribute to the magnificent creatures we call birds. Creatures that are blessed with wings like an angel and the ability to see the world at their convenience.
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