First Light

Dec 14, 2011

All the photos posted here are shots made by an amateur photogrpaher using the automatic setting. As a newbie, manual setting is but a foreign word to me.  I've learned how to do it and make use of my camera the way pros use theirs on December 12 when my friends who are into real photography introduced it to me.

An early morning it was when the day was but freezing. We decided to roam the streets of Phitsanulok and named our photo session "First Light". It was difficult for me as i have no strong background in real photography. For me, taking photos is just a hobby and not a passion. However, upon learning that i can make dark objects appear lighter by adjusting the settings, it took my eagerness like a skyrocket.

So here are my shots with the manual settings. Not still as amazing like the pros but surely made my day lighter as i took them during the "First Light" session. Hehe....
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