Pets or Pests

Feb 26, 2011

Ten meters away from my house is a healthy wetland home to different species of birds,plants,trees and snakes. That's right, snakes hehe. But they are not the subject of today's post. 

No further introduction needed for these creatures because the pictures say it all. However, if you are still in doubt of who or what these creatures are, let me just introduce to you the colony of ants found in one of the trees near the wetland. They were crossing from one leaf to the other while some were busy guarding something. Perhaps they were guarding their queen or whoever their president, prime minister, and even senate is. I was just thinking.....

Is it possible for ants be domesticated or tamed? Can they live in a house freely like a real member of a family? Or would they bite the hands that feed them because domesticating or taming them is next to impossible? Feel free to share your experience if you are currently living with ants or if you know someone who do. Just a thought!
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Reunification Party

Feb 24, 2011

I was invited by a former colleague in a birthday party of my two friends whom i worked with when i was doing a one semester stint in a government high school. They said they will bring something to be shared to everyone so I brought them a cake (yum yum). 

It was fun having a talk with your former colleagues and seeing familiar faces that i haven't seen for a while. Then, i was asked to sing songs in a karaoke. Just so you know, i had a very good practice last night when i was invited to another birthday party and belted couple of high pitch notes as if doing a concert. After singing, i took some photos of the cake. I brought a chocolate cake soo this one isn't mine. I think it was from one of the birthday celebrant. 

Mouthful? Here's another one in a different angle.

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Feb 20, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, working abroad is not always a bed of roses. The grasses are not always green and it doesn't guarantee an abundant supply of milk and honey. There are stories of people who triumphed working abroad but there are also horrible stories that will scare those people who have plan to try their luck overseas. 

I, for one, can vouch and testify that it's not always easy. That working abroad, just like working in your native country, can be difficult at times. I have a friend who is working as a teacher here in Thailand. He has a lot of dreams and hopes for the future. He believes that he can change his future and have something to look forward to. You know what he just did today?

He asked my next door neighbor who is currently renovating her garden if he can be of help. Of course she said yes and allowed my friend to join the team of workers. You will see that even as  teacher in the foreign land, the salary is not sufficient enough to meet his needs and his family. He always send a portion of his salary back in his native Philippines. This fella is Brian James Padilla, a man who dreams big and plans to make his dreams possible.

Way to go, Brian!
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Strike and Spare

Feb 19, 2011

Yesterday was a lot of fun when we decided to play bowling for the first time. I had played duckpin when i was in high school but playing a 10-pin bowling in a near passable international standard was a real deal lol. Unlike duckpin where the balls are not that heavy and best suited for children, the 10-pin bowling balls are heavier with three holes drilled in them. One each for the ring and middle finger, and one for the thumb. 

As we were playing, I noticed that most eyes were on us. In fact i heard a giggle seconds after my second ball hit the canal. Little did i know that we were laughed at not because most of our balls were rolling happily on the canal but because we were laughing like crazy, real deal crazy everytime we roll the ball.They probably enjoyed watching crazy people play bowling huh?

Can you play bowling?
Sounds like fun? Yeah, and we made a plan of doing a three hour stint next time hehe. I am sure that it's gonna be another pure enjoyment. But of course, i am expecting giggles and laughs around as well.
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Vampire Connection

Feb 17, 2011

Does it give you a creepy feeling when you hear or see things that have close connection to vampires? The likes of coffins, the howling of dogs, and the moon at night with dark clouds covering it? If your answer is yes, then we are on the same boat lol. 

Just so you know, dark creatures attract my attention. In fact, I once had a book about vampires and werewolves during my grade school years and i looked at it more often than that of my school books. I am also a fan of movies that mention about these blood-sucking creatures or anything related to that. I guess I'm one of them hehe. 

Well, the photos above fit the description of the moon covered in dark clouds. Its as if a bat will fly to the moon like what Dracula did in movies. I would admit that looking at it sends shiver down my spine.
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Roaming Downtown Bangkok

Feb 15, 2011

This was taken last month, the 1st of January to be exact. We were roaming the streets of Bangkok doing some shopping, having fun, and spending some quality time together. 

I took these shots on the spot where photographers from different countries with their tripod assembled were busy taking photographs of downtown Bangkok. Some of them were probably working in travel magazines. Others might be working in some media companies and covering the latest happenings in the city. Anyhow, it was fun and was such a cool experience being surrounded with real photographers. I felt i was one of them lol.
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Colorful Plastic Glasses

Feb 11, 2011

Last month, i received a new year's gift from the computer shop owner where i bought my laptop computer. She gave me two sets of colorful plastic glasses wrapped beautifully in a net like bag. Since we still have usable cups and glasses at home, I put them in a drawer and decided to keep it for future use. I almost forgot them until i rummaged the boxes and drawers that were left in oblivion.

When it was handed to me by the shop owner, i didn't even have the slightest idea that they can make a good subject. But when i saw them the second time around, there was a loud BOOM! An explosion that says "grab your camera and start shooting". I put them on the coffee table and arranged them in the best possible position an amateur photographer can do lol. So, here they are.
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It simply felt amazing

Feb 9, 2011

We were told after breakfast that we will be visiting one of the famous waterfalls in Nakon Nayok. I readied myself and the camera for i know nature will be waiting for the flickering of flashes. I charged the battery for a few minutes and hurried for the most comfortable seat on the bus.

Both pics looked the same, but take a closer look :)
We circled looking for it that took 15 more minutes of our precious time. I got confused and impatient so i asked a friend who speak Thai. She told me that our driver was not familiar with place and was having trouble locating where the waterfall was.

When we arrived at the location, i was mesmerized by the thunder sound of the falling and running water. Honestly, It took my breath away and removed all my exasperation. I went down into ladder like thing and touched its cool water. You know what? It simply felt amazing.
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Standing TALL

Feb 5, 2011

Two days ago, i went to the performing arts hall located on the other side of the school to do my usual photo-walk. I came across this tree that separate itself from its kinds around. While they have strong and powerful-looking branches, this little thing however, doesn't posses all those.

You may wonder why i still featured it here. Let's just say that it amazes me! Despite its small size, it stands proudly. Its branches seem to be in a gesture of prayer, contented of everything. How cool is that?

The Past

Feb 2, 2011

I have seen quite a few photos of a boat as a subject from a magazine, website, etc. They surely look nice. My wish came true when i saw a one docked on a lakebank yesterday morning. I stopped to take a closer look. The water started to consume the outside while the rotten leaves started to fill the inside. It looked like it was never used in years. 

The grasses and other plants surrounding the area were already tall. Even the water for that matter was filled by lichens and turned it green. Perhaps the word "years" is not enough. "Decade" maybe a much better term hehe.

Moving forward, It was kind of difficult to shoot the boat because the bank was quite watery. An avalanche of mud can happen anytime soon if i pursue a much nicer angle lol. Anyway, I'm glad because I have these photos under my name now hehe.
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Showing Off

Feb 1, 2011

Notice the landscape....Coolness?

Well, if you want to know where this place is, it's in my school. The photo above was taken while i was in the president's building getting my salary (true). The one below was taken when i had my class on the eight floor and got a good view of the IT building (the one on the left), and the newly built fitness center (the one with the triangle thingie). 

Both were taken during midday. In fact, i was not able to have my lunch yet, lol. I was hungry and my friend invited me to grab something to eat but i was more into capturing the moment first. : )

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