Colorful Plastic Glasses

Feb 11, 2011

Last month, i received a new year's gift from the computer shop owner where i bought my laptop computer. She gave me two sets of colorful plastic glasses wrapped beautifully in a net like bag. Since we still have usable cups and glasses at home, I put them in a drawer and decided to keep it for future use. I almost forgot them until i rummaged the boxes and drawers that were left in oblivion.

When it was handed to me by the shop owner, i didn't even have the slightest idea that they can make a good subject. But when i saw them the second time around, there was a loud BOOM! An explosion that says "grab your camera and start shooting". I put them on the coffee table and arranged them in the best possible position an amateur photographer can do lol. So, here they are.


Silvergirl said...

wow nice glass :)

Nikmaya John said...

Nice glasses. Very colourful,they are fresh.

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