One Damn Hot Flower

Apr 2, 2011

I like the simplicity of this flower. Its red petals with the white and green pollen grains. I would admit i was mesmerized with its beauty and color. It just seems so perfect a flower to me. This should be growing in beautifully decorated pots to make it more attractive and not on a vacant lot near the road.

Yes, it grows on a vacant lot near the road. And you know what is more sadder? It is also close to the garbage drums that waste managers get thrice every week. The drum stinks and it takes a whole lot of power to get near them lol. 

The good thing about it though it grows close to the putrid garbage drums, is it literally beautifies the small spot where it grows. And if you are driving and you get to see this pretty damn hot flower, it will require a second look to verify if you just saw what you saw! One damn hottie, eh?
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