You Light Up My Life

Jan 30, 2011

I had dinner at KFC with my three students two nights ago as it was their last day to study with me. The two months i tutored them was a lot of fun. In fact, i enjoyed it a lot. As a gesture of appreciation for my hard labor, they said they will cover the bill haha. Thank you! 

After devouring the food by four greedy monsters, we talked of the times we spent together. I then took out my camera and started shooting things around. I had photos of our leftovers which really looked horrible, and posting it here will do no good. If i do post it here, I might even receive hate comments for destroying other peoples' appetite. I guess "the four greedy monsters" is a better term for us lol. 

Anyways, the lights over our heads looked really cool. I took several shots and let my students to choose the best two. Here are their chosen two.
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Bridging the GAP

Jan 29, 2011

This is the bridge in my school that connects the biggest building in the university and the cafeteria where i usually have my breakfast and lunch . Notice that no people were included in the photo because it was taken a bit late in the afternoon. Students and teachers were probably long gone, sleeping and taking a rest in their respective apartments or houses.

Going back to it, I probably have crossed it more than a thousand times now, given the fact that I've been here for three years and i do the crossing almost everyday. I am not sure about the exact number though because i am very poor in Math. Anyone who can do the math for me hehe? Every morning, you will hear good laughs from students whilst crossing. It makes me wonder why the "good laughing" thing only happens in the morning. Why not do it the afternoon lol.

Moreover, I used landscape to capture the first photo to make the greens more vivid. The second photo was captured using the monochrome to give a sense of stillness and slow pace life. I so love it!
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Something different

Jan 28, 2011

Have you tried to drink beer with a coke, salad with a rum, or juice with a whiskey? What was it you did which falls on the same category? In short, something different? A week ago, we had party in a hotel and were given veggies and some fish to munch with while watching others doing some presentation on stage. Several minutes later, bottles of beer were served (yipee!). Well, I didn't like much the served food so i bought a biscuit outside lol.

The biscuit that made others frown
While most people were enjoying chatting with friends, drinking and munching the food, i was there standing behind them - holding the glass of beer on one hand and a biscuit on the other. I thought all was well until I saw a frowning expression and a questionable look from a gentleman on my left. A reaction of ""Did i do something wrong? hit me. Perhaps he was surprised to see me enjoying my biscuit and not the expensive dish on the table. Or, he had this strong liking of my biscuit and wanted to take a bite. Whatever his thoughts were, i did enjoy doing something different! For others, it might not be unusual, but for me, it was hehe.
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Swimming by the Hundreds

Jan 27, 2011

(Click image to enlarge)
After signing in today at the office, a group of students with their camera phone handy were taking pictures of something at the lake. I am sure it was not the lake they were curious about for it bear no importance to them. In fact, i haven't seen a single soul wandering near it. I got curious though, when more and more students started flocking the bank. 

Click image to enlarge
As usual, my camera is always handy so i decided to join the curious souls. I heard a "squak, a tweet, and couple more of birdy sound as i came closer. When i reached the bank, the ducks or something similar to it (not sure what birds those were), made more noise as if they were being attacked. Some flew farther away while others remained oblivious of us. 

As you can see above, some flew away. I haven't got a good shot for there was no place to move closer to them. I didn't wanna be wet hehe. And besides, if i move closer to them they just fly farther away. What am i gonna do?
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Some more Flowers

Jan 26, 2011

My first post was about the sunflowers growing abundantly on the vacant lot near our office. They became an instant celebrities with the number of visitors increasing day by day. Unfortunately, their popularity will be but just a fleeting moment as summer is fast approaching.

Anyhow, even if their beauty started to ebb we can still admire the colorful and beautiful species of flora (both photos above) near the president's office. An alternative source in getting rid of stress sometimes.

Even under the heat of the scorching sun, you might still spot a person or two taking shots of them. 

I know the second photo is a lotus. I wonder what the first one is!
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Meet Sticky Rice

Jan 25, 2011

Sticky rice in Thailand is so famous that some people prefer it over the
pleasant aroma of plain rice. Its translation in Thai is Khao-niao (pronounced cow-nee-iao). I, for one, love it sometimes.

One morning when our friendly neighbor uttered Khao-niao (as if calling something or someone), a cute little puppy out of nowhere suddenly appeared- tail wiggling. He was wearing a doggy tailored shirt that fits perfectly to him.

Khao-niao is a very cute and friendly puppy. Every time i arrive from work he always run towards me, ready to play. I don't own him or even have a dog, but because of him - it made me think of having one.
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Color me WHITE

Jan 24, 2011

Just before Christmas, me and the gang went to the mountainous province of Petchabun and experienced the coolness of Khao Kho. On our way back, we rode a songtaew and asked the driver if he can show us the tourist spots around.

Unaware of a sudden halt of the vehicle, our driver asked us to take pictures of the white temple. His words were "We just arrived in one of Khao Kho's treasure" (Really? Let me see, let me see). As we know, Thai temples are usually golden that glitters more under the heat of the sun. This one, however, was white in color - very unusual. The Buddha images inside were mostly golden, though. Moreover, it was beautiful and indeed a treasure.

Fast Car

Jan 23, 2011

I remember when were driving - driving in your car. The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us and your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder - and I had a feeling that I belonged. I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone.

Tracy Chapman is that you? No, this is just me singing her song "Fast Car". Why am i singing her song? Hmm, I visited my sister in Petchabun last year and this car on the road perfectly fits the title. There were quite a few number of them passing on the other side of the lane but not so much on the lane where i was standing. 

The first photo of the road with the overpass was still and calm. Then, i pressed the shutter again. When i checked all the captured photos, I was surprised to see a car on my second shot. I didn't notice its coming - thinking it was on the other side of the lane. As you can see on the second one, it was running so fast it made itself having a comet like appearance. For me, it just seemed to have a tail. Your thoughts?
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Jan 21, 2011

It was a cool early morning in Nakon Nayok when I decided to capture my so called "morning moments". When i went out, i was greeted by different species of beautiful flowers and tall, robust trees. Yes they were beautiful, tall ,and robust. However, only one in particular caught my attention. A dewdrop!

I was not able to get a shot of the bee on the apple like fruit grrr. It flew right away seconds after it set foot. I was able to captured a good angle of the ant though that looks like drinking the dew. The red fruit with all the greens made itself and the dewdrop a real mouthful.

A visit to the Grand Palace

Jan 20, 2011

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is just one of the many tourist spots in the city and to the entire kingdom of Thailand. The temples inside are like gold, shimmering from the ground and up to the sky. Each one has its own distinct features.

No shorts are allowed for men or sleeveless blouses for women. Even tourists are of no exception. Temples are sacred for Thai people and not following so would mean disrespect. 

There are several tourists of different nationalities wanting to witness the magnificent Thai architectural style. They were probably there because we shared the same feeling. A shared admiration to its beauty and the priceless experience being there.
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Sunflowers at School

Jan 19, 2011

My school has grown quite a few number of sunflowers in a vacant lot near our office. The spot where they were planted was like a wasteland couple of weeks back. It was changed into a mini tourist spot though when they started growing.

Several students can be seen wandering around, taking pictures while admiring their beauty. Although it is nothing compared to Saraburi (famous for its sunflower plantation in central Thailand), their beauty gives a soothing feeling for teachers and students alike.
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