Something different

Jan 28, 2011

Have you tried to drink beer with a coke, salad with a rum, or juice with a whiskey? What was it you did which falls on the same category? In short, something different? A week ago, we had party in a hotel and were given veggies and some fish to munch with while watching others doing some presentation on stage. Several minutes later, bottles of beer were served (yipee!). Well, I didn't like much the served food so i bought a biscuit outside lol.

The biscuit that made others frown
While most people were enjoying chatting with friends, drinking and munching the food, i was there standing behind them - holding the glass of beer on one hand and a biscuit on the other. I thought all was well until I saw a frowning expression and a questionable look from a gentleman on my left. A reaction of ""Did i do something wrong? hit me. Perhaps he was surprised to see me enjoying my biscuit and not the expensive dish on the table. Or, he had this strong liking of my biscuit and wanted to take a bite. Whatever his thoughts were, i did enjoy doing something different! For others, it might not be unusual, but for me, it was hehe.


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