Swimming by the Hundreds

Jan 27, 2011

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After signing in today at the office, a group of students with their camera phone handy were taking pictures of something at the lake. I am sure it was not the lake they were curious about for it bear no importance to them. In fact, i haven't seen a single soul wandering near it. I got curious though, when more and more students started flocking the bank. 

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As usual, my camera is always handy so i decided to join the curious souls. I heard a "squak, a tweet, and couple more of birdy sound as i came closer. When i reached the bank, the ducks or something similar to it (not sure what birds those were), made more noise as if they were being attacked. Some flew farther away while others remained oblivious of us. 

As you can see above, some flew away. I haven't got a good shot for there was no place to move closer to them. I didn't wanna be wet hehe. And besides, if i move closer to them they just fly farther away. What am i gonna do?


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Love it...Cute lil birdie hehe.

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