You Light Up My Life

Jan 30, 2011

I had dinner at KFC with my three students two nights ago as it was their last day to study with me. The two months i tutored them was a lot of fun. In fact, i enjoyed it a lot. As a gesture of appreciation for my hard labor, they said they will cover the bill haha. Thank you! 

After devouring the food by four greedy monsters, we talked of the times we spent together. I then took out my camera and started shooting things around. I had photos of our leftovers which really looked horrible, and posting it here will do no good. If i do post it here, I might even receive hate comments for destroying other peoples' appetite. I guess "the four greedy monsters" is a better term for us lol. 

Anyways, the lights over our heads looked really cool. I took several shots and let my students to choose the best two. Here are their chosen two.


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