Chiang Mai at Night

Jan 28, 2012

These were taken on New Year's Eve in Chaing Mai. The gang decided to head out to the city to welcome 2012 and of course, witness the incredible display of fireworks and other things Chiang Mai has to offer. Our driver dropped us off somewhere. We didn't have any slightest idea where exactly we were that time.
We thought of having dinner first since everyone were starving. We chilled out in a small Chinese restaurant by the road with a very fast service which left us full in minutes. After a few minutes more, we got going.
And just before we reached the end of the road where the party was taking place, I took couple of shots. So here are they - Chiang Mai at night!


JannieJoshelle said...

Looks like you had a fun night! :D

tess said...

Is Chiang Mai in China? what a nice New years celebration .everybody is on the road enjoying the firework dispaly .the city is so lively.

tess said...

ok ,now I remember ,you are in Thailand.

... nice! New Year's Eve in Chaing Mai... as festive din ba celebration like sa pinas? Thanks! Gems of My Dailies

MaryJane Tauyan said...

wow! lovely photos here!! will definitely and surely visit chiang mai soon since last december we just decided to go back here in singapore rather than join our friends who's in chiang mai. our friends had some photos with the tigers and small elephants as well. god bless! xx

Nice new years eve celebration;) wish i could also visit the place this year

yuuki said...

i first google where Chang Mai is, i went to Bangkok 2009 and we had fun in their night markets and street foods too...

Is is on china? what a very busy street. What camera did you use when taking this shot?

it's really fun to take shoots during night time... plus observing the people. :)

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