Jul 24, 2011

Hibiscus is common a flower that grows in tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climate throughout the world. This flower is not only a hit to bees and butterflies because of its showy petals and long pollen grains but also in the Caribbean especially in Jamaica for making herbal teas and jams. And for the record, one of its species is the national flower of Korea (Hibiscus syriacus), while (Hibiscus rosa-sinesis) is the national flower of Malaysia.

Here's the hibiscus planted near the temple in Nakorn Sawan in two different colors (red and yellow). The colors were just adorable and not taking shots would mean disrespect to its beauty hehe.
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Jaunted in Nakorn Sawan

Jul 21, 2011

The supposed two hour drive from Phitsanulok to Nakorn Sawan to celebrate the long weekend took longer than expected. From what i understand, it took us almost three hours. Worst yet, we were like in a standing ovation mode for couple of minutes because there were no available seats anymore. I was frustrated and had wished the trip never happened. 

Things were really getting worst as i was trying to find the best position whilst holding the dog, Jasmine. It was difficult to hold her because there was no space where she can roam freely and she was shifting positions once every 5 or 10 seconds. Seriously, i somewhat regret bringing her.

The frustration left my whole being when from afar, the temple on top of the hill was spotted. It looked very amazing, standing so magnificently before my very eyes. The sign outside before reaching the slopes says "Wat Kiri Wong".

A view of Nakon Sawan from the hill
In all of the temples I've been to in Thailand, i personally like this one. Not only because of the intricate designs and the big Buddha images but because of its favored location with cool breeze. Honestly, i did not sweat and I enjoyed it a lot!

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