The Father - The Son - and The Snake

Nov 12, 2011

From limestone cliffs, beautiful white sand beaches, and pristine waters, El Nido in Palawan has sooo many interesting sights that can be enjoyed by everyone. Island hopping is by far the number one activity of all tourists wishing to see its beauty. From there, one can make use of a kayak, snorkling equipment, and other things related to swimming for an affordable price or even free if luck goes with you. 

Perhaps with its several amazing islands the Snake Island is one of the most popular. It is called "SNAKE ISLAND" because the sandbar that connects the two bodies of lands resemebles a snake. Last month, I had my second glimpse of the place. We were delighted to see a father and a son taking turns pressing their camera's shutter. Their eyes were full manefestation of great pleasure and amazement.

Where is the sandbar? Here you are. The last photo was taken on top of a hill overlooking the beauty in its entirety and the other surrounding islands.


Elvirah said...

The Snake Island looks really incredible. The sand, the water and the greenary around is perfectly amazing.

John and Joyie said...

It is Elvirah. I'm sure if you have a chance to visit this incredible place, it will leave a lasting impression to you and the people you are with.

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