Wasted Time?

Mar 4, 2011

Oh my, I'm running out of gas! Can we stop to the nearest gas station to fill my bike's tank?  Yeah, me and Joyie almost got stuck on the highway this afternoon because i didn't notice that my bike's tank was running out of gas. Who would want to get stuck on a highway where cars and buses are running like crazy? Not me!

And so we stopped to the nearest station to fill the tank. There was a man who was busy washing a bike on the side. And since my bike was in dire need of a bath, i headed to the man and asked him to do the cleaning. It didn't damage my pocket because it was way cheaper than i thought. Can you guess how much? It was only 40 Baht. I turned around with a grin! 

While waiting, i grabbed the cam and started taking photos of these flowers close to where we were sitting. I'm just glad that my time was not wasted. They were just adorable. And oh, they smelled good too.


brian james said...

simply awesome pics... halryt

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