Stories of LOVE

Mar 10, 2011

Photo 1: These were the students who went with us to the English camp. I was wondering why they were sitting with little distance from each other. When i first saw them walking, they seemed to be in a good mood. After couple of minutes, they were like engaged in world war III. What went wrong?

Photo 2: Forgive me my dear friend but this post is not an attack or anything similar to that. I wish that your wifey won't take it personally and won't get mad at me hehe. Well, this guy is a really good friend of mine. He is a great adviser and a trusted confidant. The woman on the other hand is a very close colleague. 

PS. He is already married and it has nothing to do with love. Honestly, i really like this photo that is why it was included here (wink).

Photo 3: They were taking photos of themselves using the guy's camera phone. I would admit that i found them very cute while they were tickling and gently pinching each other. Sad to say, it was in the public and most eyes were on them. I guessed they stood up when the guy saw me taking photos of them. Were you shy? hehe...


brian james said...

Cool Stuff....haryt!

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