Fly me to the SuperMOON

Mar 24, 2011

Perhaps some of you are wondering why the weather is rapidly changing especially during the months of February and March this year. Here in Thailand, everyone can vouch that winter breeze unfolded last week when it was supposed to be a burning hot summer. It was recorded that the temperature in Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand plummeted to 3.4 degrees Celsius. A heck of a cold summer, aight?

You may also wonder why natural disasters are happening these days. Everyone witnessed the horror of earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan this month and the quake in New Zealand last month. Both claimed several lives and destroyed billions of properties. Is "coincidence" a perfect word to describe these tragic happenings?

It was revealed that the moon was at its closest from the earth this year. And because of its close distance from our planet, its gravitational force is very strong that causes extreme tidal forces. For some, that explains the abnormal changes of the weather and the natural calamities taking place everywhere.
The supermoon on March 19 was really close that it looked like a fruit hanging from tree. Unfortunately, i didn't have the camera handy that time. These were taken two days after. I'll be watching news as often as possible now to be forewarned of the latest changes and happenings around. Wew! It's getting crazier each day, yeah?


enzo said...

I would say these photos are my personal favorites. I love the moon. I like the way they were taken.

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