Night Out

Mar 20, 2011

Singha Beer
These are the photos i took during the get together of my friends at the Amarin Lagoon Hotel. They invited me as they celebrate their new established friendship. Thank you so much Purple Pirates!

Honestly, I like the glasses and bottles of beer above not because i am a great supporter of drunkard people or because I am a drunkard myself. They were not arranged either. They were taken the way they were placed on the table next to us. I don't know but there is something with the pic that made me like it. The question is "What is it?". The answer is, "I  don't know".

Lemme introduce to you this specie of flora near the swimming pool. I wonder what its name. Can anybody tell me? This specie of flower beautifies the mini garden of the pool and the entire swimming area. I can't just end the night without making it a subject.

And here is the hut where i stayed longer than anywhere in the area. Sitting on its chair and under its roof gave me a sense of belonging. It made me go one step backward and remember my life back then.

Thank God I'm still here!


fallenrhainnes said...

hi i think that flower is calachuchi? hehehe... nice blog here..

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