Road Trip

Mar 21, 2011

If you can practically roam around Europe because of well connected trains across the continent, Thai people on the other hand use buses to travel around, even if they too, have trains that basically pass the entire country. They are by far the most convenient mode of transportation and are available almost every hour, everywhere.

Most of them are double-deckers especially those that are on long distance trips. Some companies also offer free snacks or meals that makes traveling cool. But of course there are times when the offered snacks are really terrible (oops, my bad here...but it's true).

More so, although rail transports are way cheaper and sometimes free, buses are faster and still the number one choice of the majority of commuters. Delays are common in some parts of the country though but not so in Bangkok - most leave on time.

Lastly, notice how colorful they are. Aren't they simply pleasing to the eyes?


Anonymous said...

Nice, I was able to ride on one the exactly looks like this :)

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