Helping Hand

Aug 8, 2011

Having a lot of things doesn't make a person happy. It doesn't even take someone to be rich in order to give and make other people happy. The date was yesterday August 8, 2011. The day that the small community of Filipinos in Phitsanulok, Thailand take some time to share their unused things to give to the poor in Phrom Phiram District. These things might be small for others but definitely not for those who are needy. They consider these gigantic help - they consider these happiness!

The packing started three nights ago at Saint Nicholas Church Hall. Some clothes were still in good condition and can score a fair amount in "ta lat" (Thai word for market). While most people shared their unused clothes, others chose instant noodles and other canned goods for the hungry mouths. Personally, i would prefer the latter if i have some extra to share. Perhaps next time i could.

The sleepless nights of the community paid off upon seeing peoples' faces light up. For some, this might be called HELP but for me, i consider it LOVE -  for they give something without expecting nothing in return.



Shahriar said...

hi,,,nice blog...real kiss for u my friend...check it.

Crib said...

This is something that Filipinos should be proud of, being generous and helpful.

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