GHOTI means Fish

Aug 2, 2011

Let's have a review or perhaps let us learn something new about the English language. Does it make you hate English because of its craziness? One book author stated that "of all languages, English has the largest vocabulary - perhaps as many as two million words - and of course it has one of the noblest bodies of literature.

 However, let's face it! English is a crazy language! Example - if the teacher taught - why isn't it that the preacher praught? If a horsehair mat is made from the hair of horses and a camel hair coat from the hair of camels - what is the name of the animal that gives us mohair? If a vegetarian eats vegetables - what does a humanitarian eat"? HUMAN? That's scary hehe!

Some words are also spelt in ways which bear no resemblance to the way they are pronounced. Say for instance the word GHOTI which according to the article i read, it meant FISH and should be pronounced FISh. What??? Read it HERE

Note: Images were taken at Bueng Boraphet Aquarium in Nakhon Sawan.


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