Aug 10, 2011

Kayak was one of the things we tried when we were at the Dos Palmas Isand Resort. The water was not that wavy but we were having difficulty going against the waves. There was also an instance when we were stuck under the bridge for three minutes or so. I was kinda panicking not to the idea of being drifted out to sea but for the embarrassment of asking for help. Hey, the sea wasn't wavy and there were people younger than us who were able to kayak smoothly and without problems at all!

Anyway, that was just a thought - as for the experience, it was superb! It was my first time kayaking and though a bit afraid during the first few minutes it went well at the end of the day. It's one of the resort's activities if your visiting on a day tour including buffet lunch, snorkeling, etc. 
I highly recommend this activity especially for those who haven't tried this yet. If you are out somewhere and like to experience something different with sweat coming out like river hehe, then go and kayak!


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