The guard dog Shogun

Sep 10, 2012

Shogun is an Asian dog breed locally known in Thailand as Bangkeaw. He's body, a medium-sized Spitz-type dog, is well proportioned with a smooth gait.  He looks like a lion because of thicker coat around his neck, back and chest. I met Shogun during the Eikona camp held at Wangthong District last month and had since enjoyed his company.
As we were talking to the headmaster of the conservation centre where we had the camp, I took noticed of Shogun having the strong liking of posing. Even a close up shot with the usual tongue out was something natural for him lol.
So here he is with the sort of a warm smile that always accompany his fierce yet friendly nature. Shogun - the Bangkeaw guard dog of Phitsanulok Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Station.


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