My Childhood Wheel

Jan 9, 2012

I was probably in kindergarten when my father brought the whole family at the city carnival one fine night. Obviously my folks played the betting game while us, the kids, were wowed by the rides. My elder sister asked me if i would like to experience riding the big rolling machine which at that time, we both didn't have any idea what that thing was.

It was the shouts, the smiles, and the happy facial gestures rolled into one of those people riding the thing that prompted me to say yes. I was excited thinking it's gonna be a heck of ride. Well, it really was. I can't recall if it was my father or my mother who joined us. Of course adult supervision was implemented otherwise, we won't be allowed to ride. 

Yes you are right. It was the wheel - the ferris wheel. And that was the time i knew i have acrophobia or fear of heights. That was the moment i was exposed to heights that i started shouting in fear whilst crying to stop the wheel. If i am standing at the very high places and there is little or no protection at all - i always experience panic attack, making me agitated in getting safety. Anyways, this wheel was in Chiang Mai that reminded me my happy but scary childhood moment with the ferris wheel. 


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