Route 12 Coffee Shop

Sep 16, 2011

"Route 12, Teacher" my students would exclaim every time i mention Khao Khor as one of the places I have been. It sounds so popular that a mere mention of the famous district would somehow mean Route 12 as well.
One of the things that can surely attract passers by is the Route 12 Coffee Shop. It looks like a Western diner with a petrol station outside. Once you step in you will hear country music being played in the background. A kind of like being in the Wild West just like the American movies.

The shop looks like nothing but a shop alone. Fact of the matter is, the shop has a restaurant, scenic spots, souvenir shop, and a few guestrooms for the tired souls who wish to rest for the night. 

Route 12 is a good stop during long trips. I probably stop if ever I come back or pass through it again.


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