The Kings Abode

Mar 28, 2011

Built in 1926 as the summer residence of King Rama VII, Klai Klangwon Palace is just one of the tourist spots in Hua Hin. It is now the official residence of His Majesty the King of Thailand.

Notice the color combination of mostly red and blue of the building. Are these colors refreshing to the eyes? What else? Oh yeah, kudos to the gardeners for taking care of the landscapes and the other species of flora and fauna found behind the palace. You just made the area closer to nature. You simply rock guys!

Lastly, I wouldn't forget that its facade lies in front of the beach. Even under the heat of the summer sun, the cool breeze from the sea eased my tiredness away. I can't deny the fact that i fell in love with this place. It was just so beautiful.
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Fly me to the SuperMOON

Mar 24, 2011

Perhaps some of you are wondering why the weather is rapidly changing especially during the months of February and March this year. Here in Thailand, everyone can vouch that winter breeze unfolded last week when it was supposed to be a burning hot summer. It was recorded that the temperature in Doi Inthanon, the highest peak in Thailand plummeted to 3.4 degrees Celsius. A heck of a cold summer, aight?

You may also wonder why natural disasters are happening these days. Everyone witnessed the horror of earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan this month and the quake in New Zealand last month. Both claimed several lives and destroyed billions of properties. Is "coincidence" a perfect word to describe these tragic happenings?

It was revealed that the moon was at its closest from the earth this year. And because of its close distance from our planet, its gravitational force is very strong that causes extreme tidal forces. For some, that explains the abnormal changes of the weather and the natural calamities taking place everywhere.
The supermoon on March 19 was really close that it looked like a fruit hanging from tree. Unfortunately, i didn't have the camera handy that time. These were taken two days after. I'll be watching news as often as possible now to be forewarned of the latest changes and happenings around. Wew! It's getting crazier each day, yeah?
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Road Trip

Mar 21, 2011

If you can practically roam around Europe because of well connected trains across the continent, Thai people on the other hand use buses to travel around, even if they too, have trains that basically pass the entire country. They are by far the most convenient mode of transportation and are available almost every hour, everywhere.

Most of them are double-deckers especially those that are on long distance trips. Some companies also offer free snacks or meals that makes traveling cool. But of course there are times when the offered snacks are really terrible (oops, my bad here...but it's true).

More so, although rail transports are way cheaper and sometimes free, buses are faster and still the number one choice of the majority of commuters. Delays are common in some parts of the country though but not so in Bangkok - most leave on time.

Lastly, notice how colorful they are. Aren't they simply pleasing to the eyes?
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Night Out

Mar 20, 2011

Singha Beer
These are the photos i took during the get together of my friends at the Amarin Lagoon Hotel. They invited me as they celebrate their new established friendship. Thank you so much Purple Pirates!

Honestly, I like the glasses and bottles of beer above not because i am a great supporter of drunkard people or because I am a drunkard myself. They were not arranged either. They were taken the way they were placed on the table next to us. I don't know but there is something with the pic that made me like it. The question is "What is it?". The answer is, "I  don't know".

Lemme introduce to you this specie of flora near the swimming pool. I wonder what its name. Can anybody tell me? This specie of flower beautifies the mini garden of the pool and the entire swimming area. I can't just end the night without making it a subject.

And here is the hut where i stayed longer than anywhere in the area. Sitting on its chair and under its roof gave me a sense of belonging. It made me go one step backward and remember my life back then.

Thank God I'm still here!

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Walking Alone

Mar 16, 2011

I was wondering what this guy (photo above) was thinking when he was captured walking at the beach. If you enlarge it, you will notice that he was looking down. I got the impression that his wife or girlfriend probably left him (oops), or he was planning to shift from a different career. I wish you all the best, man!

Now, notice the second man. Just as the first one above, he was also walking alone. His aura as compared to the other was by far brighter though. He was gazing at the gorgeous ladies who were tanning their skin nearby. Can this be love? Good luck to both of you!

PS: My thoughts were nothing but just wild imagination from people walking alone! No intention of making false accusation or degradation. 

Carp Diem!
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Stories of LOVE

Mar 10, 2011

Photo 1: These were the students who went with us to the English camp. I was wondering why they were sitting with little distance from each other. When i first saw them walking, they seemed to be in a good mood. After couple of minutes, they were like engaged in world war III. What went wrong?

Photo 2: Forgive me my dear friend but this post is not an attack or anything similar to that. I wish that your wifey won't take it personally and won't get mad at me hehe. Well, this guy is a really good friend of mine. He is a great adviser and a trusted confidant. The woman on the other hand is a very close colleague. 

PS. He is already married and it has nothing to do with love. Honestly, i really like this photo that is why it was included here (wink).

Photo 3: They were taking photos of themselves using the guy's camera phone. I would admit that i found them very cute while they were tickling and gently pinching each other. Sad to say, it was in the public and most eyes were on them. I guessed they stood up when the guy saw me taking photos of them. Were you shy? hehe...
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Magnificent Unfolding

Mar 8, 2011

These were taken  on the day we were getting ready for our trip back home after the camp in Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is a province south of Thailand and 188.17 kilometers south of Bangkok. I was in awe when this amazing unfolding of the sunrise showcased its beauty for everyone to see. I was tired and would like to stay longer in bed but i forced myself to snap a glimpse of it because i was certain that it will be a hot topic of discussion while having breakfast. Good thing i did!

After hitting the shutter several times and satisfied with the result, i headed back to the lobby and showed it to everyone. They smiled and the satisfaction was evident in each others' expressions. Looks like i didn't fail myself hehe. 

Here's another one...

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Wasted Time?

Mar 4, 2011

Oh my, I'm running out of gas! Can we stop to the nearest gas station to fill my bike's tank?  Yeah, me and Joyie almost got stuck on the highway this afternoon because i didn't notice that my bike's tank was running out of gas. Who would want to get stuck on a highway where cars and buses are running like crazy? Not me!

And so we stopped to the nearest station to fill the tank. There was a man who was busy washing a bike on the side. And since my bike was in dire need of a bath, i headed to the man and asked him to do the cleaning. It didn't damage my pocket because it was way cheaper than i thought. Can you guess how much? It was only 40 Baht. I turned around with a grin! 

While waiting, i grabbed the cam and started taking photos of these flowers close to where we were sitting. I'm just glad that my time was not wasted. They were just adorable. And oh, they smelled good too.
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When the SUN Rises

Mar 2, 2011

Yesterday morning just after doing my daily routine of drinking four glasses of water, i headed outside to threw our garbage. On the way back, i was stopped by the glimmering rays of the sun as it rises above the roofs and trees in my neighborhood. 

It was a panoramic experience seeing it rises above and changes its form and color right before my eyes. It only shows that another day has given to us to live life according HIS will and to be thankful for the added breath of life.
When the sun rises, i feel really blessed. Thank you so much for the wonderful day!
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